Plaid and gingham shirts & vests.

PLAID is the new PLAID

It's a plaid, plaid, plaid, plaid world. Scottish plaids are a craftsman's shirt. But new athletic cuts and premium materials are now amping-up the quality & look of everyone's go-to favorite item.

Scottish plaids are at home as much on the mountain as they are in town. From bookstore, to brewery, to Mt. Hood Meadows. There's nothing that quite says authenticity like the right plaid item. It catches the eye without being garish. Plaid is a craftsman's shirt. A maker. An artisan. A smithy. Be earnest and be real. And you know what? At the core, all those things are quite Scottish after all. With offices becoming more and more casual, it's worth it to invest in some quality plaid shirts to mix into your closet rotation. Not just the boxy, straight-hem plaid shirts from your typical outdoor brands. Get something that has more uniqueness and individuality, with materials and cuts that are actually modern, flattering, and style that actually classes-up your workplace.

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